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We connect New Zealand businesses with reliable lenders to improve cash flow or get a boost to grow.

Our Story

Our story

We’re a team of experienced invoice lending specialists who want to see New Zealand businesses thrive.

Unpaid invoices can create significant financial strain for businesses. Waiting for payment from clients and customers makes it hard to keep momentum, look after your team and achieve goals. Small business loan wait times can be another roadblock, and quick-turnaround loans often come with risk or hidden cost.

Invoice lending is an increasingly popular way to relieve this strain. So we have built an online marketplace to give small and medium-sized businesses more choice, control and confidence when considering this finance option.

Invoice Hub connects businesses in need of capital with lenders looking for secure and reliable lending opportunities.

People in business can choose from competitive loan offers, with timelines and terms that suit their needs. Approved lenders can plug into a hub of potential customers and broad lending opportunities.

We’re proud to give innovative businesses a range of fast, easy, competitive borrowing options — all in one place.

Our team

Experienced finance and business experts wanting Kiwi businesses to thrive.

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