Harness the power of your invoices with a choice of competitive loan offers.

Browse and choose loan offers from leading lenders using your sent invoices as security. A fast, easy alternative to traditional business loans.


Quick, secure, easy


Upload your invoice

So lenders can be confident in the loan’s security and prepare an offer.


Receive offers

Depending on your business and situation, you can expect offers in one to two days.


Choose a lender

Your chosen lender will contact you to finalise terms.


Get money

Choose the settlement date then receive payment in line with the loan terms.


Boost cash flow and grow

Any business incorporated or operating in New Zealand can sign up to Invoice Hub. Browse loan offers made against money you’re owed in sent invoices to free up cash flow. If you prefer not to wait for a customer to pay before you can cover costs or grow, add the sent invoice, choose from loan offers, and do business at your own pace. Invoice Hub accepts invoices of $5,000 and over.

Only pay when you borrow

Browse our hub of pre-approved lenders with no hidden fees. If you go ahead with a loan offered through our marketplace, a fee that’s 1% of the loan amount is added to what you pay your lender. Easy!

Got a question? We’re here to help

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